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Science Has Finally Created a Breath Mint That Lasts for Hours
Breakthrough in Breath Control!
ForeverMints Multi-Hour Time-Release Breath Mints
Be Confident. Never Worry
About Bad Breath Again
  • Tiny Peppermint Microdot Rests Comfortably & Undetectably Between Your Gum and Cheek.
  • Takes More than 2 Hours to Dissolve During the Day and Up to 8 Hours at Night.
  • Provides a Continuous Release of Mint Flavoring and an All-Natural Sweetener that Kills the Germs that Cause Bad Breath.
  • Relieves Dry Mouth.

Powerful Breath Freshening Technology
Developed by Doctors - Not Candy Makers

ForeverMints, a breath mint that takes hours to dissolve in your mouth, was developed by doctors, not candy makers. Each tiny ForeverMints microdot gives you hours of breath freshening protection. The tablet adheres comfortably and undetectably between your gum and cheek slowly dissolves over hours.

As it dissolves, it releases, in your mouth, refreshing all-natural peppermint and an anti-bacterial and tooth-whitening sweetener for over 2 hours during the day and up to 8 hours overnight.

With ForeverMints you'll never have to worry about bad breath again. ForeverMints gives you the confidence you need to talk close-up - free from the fear, uncertainty and embarrassment of having bad breath -with the assurance that your breath will be fresh all day and all night long.

And, ForeverMints is backed up with a 90-day money-back GUARANTEE!* If it's not the long-lasting fresh breath solution you've always been waiting for, simply return it within 90 days for a full refund of your purchase price

How the Revolutionary ForeverMint
Time-Release Technology Works for You

The technology behind ForeverMint took over 10 years to develop. The doctors who created ForeverMint wanted to develop a breath mint that lasted for hours instead of minutes, was small enough to be comfortable and unobtrusive, and was made of all natural ingredients that freshened breath, killed the germs that cause bad breath and promoted good oral, gum and tooth health.

To develop such a product, the doctors looked to nature - in particular the structure and protective properties of the honeycomb.

Each tiny ForeverMint dot is composed of thousands of microscopic honeycomb-like cells. Each cell nucleus contains the all natural, anti-bacterial Xylitol sweetener and peppermint flavoring. The nucleus is protected by all natural material that is programmed to dissolve over a period of hours. The flavoring is extended with a proprietary menthol booster that gives each microtab its pleasant, long-lasting flavor profile.

Seconds after being moistened by saliva, ForeverMint adheres comfortably between your upper or lower rear gum and cheek. As each cell is dissolved by saliva, the Xylitol and enhanced peppermint flavoring are continuously released in your mouth.

The cell dissolution, Xylitol and flavor release action is an overlapping process that lasts until the microdot is fully dissolved imparting a cool, mildly aromatic and soothing sensation in your mouth for the full two multi-hour duration of the ForeverMints tablet.

What Makes ForeverMints Unique?

All Natural Time-Release Technology

To create ForeverMints' proprietary slow-dissolve, time-release properties, plant tissue (cellulose) is purified and converted to a fine white powder. The powder is then hydrated and heated multiple times to create a moisture barrier that resists erosion (dissolution) by saliva in the mouth. Neuora Microceuticals can program a time-release microdot to last up to 10 hours, if needed.

Xylitol: All Natural Sweetener, Anti-Bacterial & Tooth Whitener

ForeverMints' natural sweetener, Xylitol, is extracted from the wood of a unique species of birch trees that grow in Finland. Xylitol is sweet like sugar but without all of sugar's negative effects.

Research has shown that Xylitol helps kill germs that cause bad breath. Xylitol also inhibits and reduces dental plaque and cavities.

Xylitol also has been shown to whiten teeth, re-mineralize tooth enamel, increase saliva production and relieve dry mouth.

Hours of Refreshing Flavor in a Tiny Microdot Tablet

A new breakthrough in extended and enhanced flavor science allows the small amount of natural peppermint extract in each ForeverMints microdot to be greatly amplified and extended for the full multi-hour duration of the tab. By extracting microscopic menthol crystals from the Mentha Arvenis plant and bonding those with peppermint extract molecules it is possible for a tiny tablet the size of ForeverMints to pack a pleasant, cooling and long-lasting peppermint flavor punch. This proprietary flavor boosting and extending technology is unique to ForeverMints.

How to Use ForeverMints

Each ForeverMints tablet is formulated to provide continuous breath freshening protection for over 2 hours during the day and up to 8 hours overnight. The instructions below should be followed to help you maximize the duration and effectiveness of ForeverMints.

Step 1

Take a drink of water if your mouth is dry.

Step 2

Place the microdot in your mouth and moisten it for a few moments with saliva.

Step 3

Position the microtab in a comfortable spot between your rear gum and cheek.

Step 4

The tablet will adhere to your gum and begin to slowly dissolve. After a few minutes you'll feel like the tablet isn't there and it will be undetectable to others.

Note: The ForeverMints microdot should not be sucked, chewed or swallowed as this will result in shorter duration than when taken as directed.

Typical Comments from ForeverMints Users

The statements below are a representative sample of the many comments we have received from people from all walks of life who have used and benefited from ForeverMints.

Whatever your need or profession, you'll probably be able to identify with what people have said about the concerns with bad breath and their experience with ForeverMints.

"I've always been concerned about bad breath. Now, I feed confident with ForeverMints. I feel free to talk to people close-up without the fear of offending them with my breath. It's a very liberating experience.

"When I use ForeverMints I forget it's in my mouth. It has a very pleasant taste. Not too strong. But strong enough to make me feel confident when I speak with others close-up."

Bad Breath & Dating
"My biggest fear in dating is having bad breath. With ForeverMints, I don't have to worry anymore. I know my breath will be fresh for hours. No more sprays, gums or candy mints for me."

Dry Mouth
"The medicine I take causes terrible dry mouth. It's especially bad when I try to sleep. I've tried everything but nothing has worked for me as good as ForeverMints. I don't wake up any more in the middle of the night with a parched mouth and throat.. You'll probably be able to identify with what people have said about the concerns with bad breath and their experience with ForeverMints.

"As a dentist I'm sensitive about what my breath smells like and what people put into their mouths. ForeverMints allow me to work for extended periods of time on patients with the confidence that my breath will always be fresh. Besides its breath freshening qualities, with its Xylitol sweetener, it contributes to good oral health.

Candy Mints
"The quantities of candy mints I was using to do the job of just one ForeverMints seem absurd. With only one ForeverMints I get hours of continuous mint flavor with the sugar and chemicals found in other breath fresheners."

"I'm in sales. I talk to other people all day long. I've always had concerns about my breath. Nothing has ever worked for me before ForeverMints. ForeverMints is a blessing. I never have to worry about bad breath again."

Newlywed & Morning Mouth
"I've always wondered how, in the movies, people can kiss each other when the wake up in bed together in the morning. As a newlywed, I don't have that concern. I put a ForeverMints in my mouth before I go to sleep. It lasts all night! I wake up each morning with fresh, kissable breath."

"As a busy executive I'm always talking with people one-on-one. My desk and pockets used to be full of tons of candy mints. In meetings, everyone is always spraying their mouths, chewing gum or chomping on mints. With ForeverMints, I don't have to do that. Just put one in my mouth and forget about it for until it's time to eat. It's great!"

"I spend hours each day talking in-close with my clients. I used to chew gum. Now with ForeverMints I just put one in my mouth in the morning and let it do it's magic until its time to eat. Then, after lunch, I do the same until dinner."

ForeverMints Comparison & Value

Breath mints on the market today last only a few minutes and contain sugar and other substances that actually aggravate bad breath and cause tooth decay. When compared to ForeverMints, these candy mints are an expensive cover-up that temporarily masks bad breath.

The average contain of candy mints holds 70 mints and costs $2. Each mint lasts on average 3 minutes.

Compared to ForeverMint's minimum 2-hour duration it would take 40 candy mints to equal 1 ForeverMints microtab.

You would have to consume nearly 60 mint containers or 4,000 candy mints and spend up to $120 to equal in duration one 100-microtab bottle of ForeverMints.

You'd have to consume over 4,000 candy mints
to equal the duration of one bottle of ForeverMints

Take Advantage of Our
Introductory Pricing & FREE Offer!

As a special limited-time introductory promotion we are offering a 30-day ForeverMints supply (1 bottle of 100 microdots) for only $19.95. This is a $10 savings per bottle. When you order two bottles, you'll save $20 and receive FREE Shipping. When your order 3 Bottles. you'll save $30 and get a fourth bottle for FREE plus FREE Shipping.

Please Keep Three Things in Mind When Your Order:
#1 Your order is backed by our 90-Day Money Back GUARANTEE.
#2 You get FREE SHIPPING when you order 2 or more bottles.
#3 When you order 3 Bottles you get the 4th Bottle FREE!

Questions & Answers About ForeverMints

ForeverMints seems so expensive. How do ForeverMints compare cost-wise with other breath freshening products?

Most people think about spending only a few dollars on candy breath mints while in the supermarket checkout line. ForeverMints are not a typical breath mint - it is a brand new breath freshening technology that is many times more effective that any other breath freshener on the market, lasts up to 40 times longer than most and is many times more cost effective. In one bottle you get 100 tablets, 200+ hours or 12,000+ minutes of breath freshening protection. For the same duration you would have to spend up to $114 for major brand breath mints - consuming 4,000 mints along with unhealthy doses of sugar.

Are the ingredients in ForeverMints all natural?

Yes. Every ingredient in ForeverMints is 100 percent natural. The main ingredient, hypromellose, is just a fancy name for plant fiber that has been converted to a powder base, hydrated and heated to give the microdot its moisture-resistant, slow-dissolve properties. The flavoring comes from natural peppermint and menthol oils that have been molecularly bonded to allow for a sustained cooling and breath freshening over the long life of the microdot. The sweetener, Xylitol, is extracted from the bark of birch trees in Finland. A tiny amount of sucralose, a non-calorie and non-cavity promoting derivative of sugar is also added to heighten the flavor. The remaining natural ingredients algin, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide are common to most tableted products.

Will ForeverMints cause cavities or gum disease?

No. There are no tooth decay-promoting ingredients in ForeverMints. On the contrary, ForeverMints' Xylitol sweetener has been shown in numerous studies to kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gum disease. In addition, Xylitol has been shown to re-mineralize tooth enamel, whiten teeth and stimulate healthy salivation - the mouth's natural cleansing process. ForeverMints can help create an environment conducive to good oral health by stimulating salivation - the mouths natural cleansing process.

Can ForeverMints be used to combat "morning breath"?

Yes. We get morning breath because at night while we sleep we don't produce much saliva. Saliva is a natural mouth cleansing system that washes away the thousands of epithelial cells (cells that line the mouth) that die every day in our mouths. When these cells aren't washed away by saliva while we sleep, they decay and decompose in the mouth causing the foul odors associated with morning breath.

Because of this reduced salivation, the ForeverMints microdot will take up to 8 hours to dissolve in your mouth. You'll actually wake up with the softened mint still adhering to your gum giving you sparkling fresh breath. With ForeverMints, embarrassment and unpleasantness of morning breath will be a thing of the past.

What is your return policy?

If you're a first-time purchaser of ForeverMints and not satisfied with it, you can return the empty bottle and all unopened bottles (if you purchase more than one) and we'll refund your purchase, shipping & handling costs and the cost of return postage. You must request a Return Authorization number using our Contact Us form.

Is the technology available to make ForeverMints last longer?

Yes. We could make a single ForeverMints microdot last up to 10 hours if we so desired. The two-hour+ time period was selected for convenience because most people live their day in two-hour increments. (Basic work schedule 8 to 10, 10 to 12, 1 to 3, 3 to 5). Because of reduced salivation at night, the ForeverMints microdot will last 8 hours while you sleep.

Can l eat or drink while I have a ForeverMints in my mouth?

ForeverMints' creamy mint flavor may interfere with your taste and therefore some people prefer removing the mint before they eat and drink and replacing it after they finish eating.

My ForeverMints are not lasting two + hours. Why?

Sucking on the microdot, excessively moving it around in your mouth, agitating it with your tongue, eating and drinking warm liquids can all interfere with the ForeverMints' continuous release properties. Simply place the tablet in your mouth, moisten it and position it between your cheek and gum and leave it alone. In a few minutes it will adhere to your gum, and begin to freshen your breath for two or more hours during the day and up to 8 hours overnight.

When I first put a ForeverMint in my mouth, I get a drying sensation on my lips. Why?

This drying sensation is really your body telling you you need more hydration -- you need to drink more water every day. When the mint first goes in your mouth it absorbs saliva like a sponge until the tablet "swells,” adheres to your gum and turns to a soft gel. After this, the microtab with the mint flavoring and Xylitol will begin to stimulate salivation and moisten your mouth.

Do I still need to brush my teeth and floss?

Definitely YES. ForeverMints is not a substitute for good oral hygiene. Frequent brushing and flossing is a necessity for good oral health. Though ForeverMints can help reduce many of the factors associated with tooth and gum disease, it is not a substitute for brushing, flossing and professional dental care.

Whenever I have a ForeverMints I lose my desire for snacking and smoking. Why?

Many people report that ForeverMints helps them curb the craving for snacking and smoking. There are no drugs or ingredients in ForeverMints that could cause this reaction. One possible explanation is the need to eat and smoke is satisfied by the long-term presence of the mint in the mouth. This form of oral gratification could help replace the compulsive drive to put food and cigarettes in your mouth.

Neuora Microceuticals does produce a ForeverMints -type microdot called SuppressMint. It is designed to control the appetite and snacking as well as help reduce cravings for the bad carbohydrates (pastries, cookies, cakes, donuts, candies, etc.) that make us fat and unhealthy. Click Here to Learn More About SUPPRESSMINT.

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